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PostSubject: Rules READ THEM   Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:41 am

The rules of my RPG are simple

1. No Racism
2. As little swearing as possible. like WTF is ok and that but bigger ones arent allowed
3. Revealing text e.g. sexual context is allowed for 15 years upwards in small amounts. And i mean SMALL. kissing and that is ok for all ages.
4. What i say goes. Not like it leave
5. Always obey a ADMIN/MOD as they have been chosen by me to inforce my rules. Any problem with admins/MODS pm me with your problem and ill get onto it
6. No advertising
7. No spamming e.g. im bored like 10 times
8.No constant bugging an admin/mod for approval as this iwill just make them ignore your application.

Breaking these rules will result in the following

asking you 3 times to stop
then 3 kicks from the chatbox
then a ban for 3 minuets
then a ban for the rest of teh day
then a ban for the rest of teh month
then a perniment ban

Those are my Rules stick by them and have happy rping
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