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 Description of the Ranks

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PostSubject: Description of the Ranks   Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:28 pm

Rank Title: Academy Student

Students are ninjas in training that are hoping to become a real ninja in the
future. In the academy they are taught to throw Shurikans and kunai and try
and hit directly on their target along with teaching the students how to use
jutsus that are common amongst regular Genin and Chuunin ranked ninja. Inorder
to Graduate they have to perform a jutsu perfectly that is choosen by the academy
test examiners. Once they have fully completed the Ninja training and graduated
they will be given their own leaf ninja head band to prove that they have graduated.they
will also be aloud to leave the villages on foreign missions and take on Enemies
from other villages or other unknown areas throughout the land of fire.

Rank Title: Genin

is the lowest Rank for Ninja Ranks in all of the Shinobi Villages.
When you are a genin you get your village’s headband. The missions you usually
do as a Genin are non life threatening and quite boring. For Example: Catching
Cats, helping someone with Gardening and so on. In order for any Genin to Go
up a Ninja Rank they need to Compete in a Chuunin Exam. Some
Genin ,as long as they’re with a Chuunin or Jounin Rank Ninja, will take on
Harder missions. In order to become a Genin Ranked Ninja, you Must Graduate
from the Ninja Academy of the Village you Decended from or living in.

Rank Title: Chuunin

are the second lowest ninja rank for all ninjas in every Ninja Village. You
usually become a Chuunin Ranked Ninja when you Pass the Chuunin Exam that happens
every 3 years when the Genin Ranked Ninja Gather together to compete from a
few countries. Sometimes Chuunin ranked ninja are known as the “middle Class
ninja”. Chuunin ranked ninja Go through Harder C ranked mission and even some
B ranked Missions if the kage village leader wants them to take the challenge.
Chuunin rank ninja sometimes become Academy teachers. Both the Jounin and the
Chuunin ninja rank wear similar Clothing as Seen in the Iruka Umino Picture
Beside this description.

Rank Title: Jounin

Jounin ninja are Top Rank Ninjas next too the kage village leaders that Get
B Ranked Missions which could lead too there Death along with A ranked missions.
Some Experienced Jounins ranked ninja are Even sent on S-ranked Missions which
some kage village leaders would take on. Jounin ranked ninja are Heavily Relied
on by the kage of the Village. it is not known yet how to become a Ninja ranked
Jounin other then the fact that you need to have Great leadership skills and
be able to plan things in advance. Jounin Ninja Wear the same clothes as chuunin.

Rank Title: Anbu

The ANBU is not exactly a rank of a ninja. The ANBU operates as top-level assassins, interrogators, and also hunters of ninja who, for whatever reason, have defected from their village. They are a secretive organization that exists in every village and are under the direct orders of their Kage. Life expectancy for ANBU members is very short as they have the most dangerous assignments; they wear animal masks (representing the animals of the Zodiac) to protect their identity and to further induce fear into their targets. ANBU members also have a tattoo on their shoulder.

Ranked Ninja are special Elite Ninja Assigned by the Kage. Anbu ranked ninja
usually do Dangerous missions normal ranked Ninjas wouldn’t dream of doing like
Assassination attempts and hunting Missing-nin and S-ranked Criminals that are
in the Bingo Book. the Anbu ninja rank are the Kage’s most trusted group of

Rank Title: Kage

Kages are the ninja leaders are the Strongest Ninjas in the Hidden Villages. Throughout the land of fire there Exists 5 top Ranked Ninja leaders and they are Hokage, Raikage, Kazekage, Tsuchikage, and lastly Mizukage. Kage usually Face off Against The hardest Missions, and Help setup and choose Alliances with other Villages. When in War the Kage usually plans the actions the Village should take and there
plans to fight back. A Good Kage must be prepared for anything including Assassination attempts.

Rank: S-Rank Ninja

S-rank Ninjas are the most Deadliest Ninja of all. They are cabable of Great Evil Deeds and usually are in the Bingo Book. S-ranked Criminals can Rank from abilities majorly. Some S-ranked Ninja are even strong enough to take down hokage’s. An Example of this would be Orochimaru defeating the 3rd Hokage.Most the major S-Ranked criminals belong to the Akatsuki that we’ve seen in the Naruto series so far though. But not all Akatsuki are S-ranked

Non-ranked titles

The Sannin is the name of three ninjas with with immense skill. Many times they are as powerful, if not more powerful, than Kages. They usually live away from the village to keep a low profile but are forced to keep in touch with the village every now and then for safety measures. Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade are all considered to be the Sannin. This rank is given to 3 people in time that i see fit as they progress and show great promise and skills
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Description of the Ranks
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