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 Types of God-Moding

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Renjiro Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Types of God-Moding   Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:56 pm

Here is a list an examples of god-modeing that are not aloowed in this rpg. If anyone wants to add to the list just reply to it and ill reply back to see if its right or not

Type 1 - Normal God-Modeing

This includes posting that you hit them or cut them etc

EXAMPLE - Renjiro got into his strong fist stance and started punching his opponent hitting him with a left and right.

This is not allow. The post should have been - Renjiro got into his strong fist stance and went to hit his opponent with left and right punches

Type two - Jutsu Modeing

This includes using jutsus that either you are learning and havent been put on your application or that you havent even learnt

Example Renjiro Hyuuga activates his byakugan and then uses Amerterasu on his oppent

This can not happen as hyuugas cant use Amerterasu only uchihas/people with the sharingan can

Type 3 - Speed

This is when people try to use jutsus than can make them go at the speed of light/ faster than sound. This is 100% impossible as even if you were going at 1/100th as the spped of light you would burn up completely

Speed limits

AS - Normal adult in real lifes running speed usually 2 MPH
Genins - 10 MPHs
Chuunins - 20 MPH
Jounins/ANBU - 60 MPH
Sannin/Kage - 250 MPH

Only a few people can have above 250 MPH to the spped of sound (Which currently stands at 770 MPH) and thats with MY permission ONLY!!!!
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Types of God-Moding
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