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 tachibana test for anbu

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Plain Ninja
Plain Ninja

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PostSubject: tachibana test for anbu   Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:06 pm

tachi was sent on a mission to the rice country he was the only anbu left availble for the mission since he was just released from the hospital. the wind was intense but he continued to keep going he remebered when he was sent notice by the hokage.tachi continued his race to the rice country he then landed at the border of the rice country "hmmm so i was told enemies were to be here and to be alert. tachi went into a small village once he was there he talked to the villagers who told them bandits who seemed to have ninjutsu were attacking their village daily. "so my mission has just been cleared i gonna take those guys out" tachi said.

just then three people arrived they head no handbands but seemed to be shinobi former shinobi that is. they all smirked the one in the middle had seemed to be the leader of the operation he spoke to tachi "so what are you secruity" he signaled to the others to move on and began to attack the village "yes i guess you cansay that" tachi had to do this quickly he was still feeling some side effects from his injuries.

he didn't have to activate sharigan he did some handsigns "hidden mist jutsu" the mist came in giving tachi a advantage he quickly ran through delivering several shruiken into the enemy the two that were left were stunned tachi quickly threw several kunai into them they had all been tooken care of "that was easy" tachi said taking a breath.
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Renjiro Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: tachibana test for anbu   Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:26 pm

a few grammer mistakes. e.g. capitalisation He began to walk. he then

it should be

He began to walk. He then

also uchihas are out of bounds at the moment sorry
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tachibana test for anbu
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